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It's safe to say I've written a lot in the past decade, most of it lost on Google drives and defunct URLs, but here are a few pieces I've salvaged. I thought everything was supposed to live forever on the internet?

Urban Junkies (2017-2019)

As features editor for Urban Junkies, I ate my way around London and the rest of the world, writing restaurant and hotel reviews. Yes, it was an incredibly tough gig. I would condense my enclyopedic knowledge into bitesized lists on things like London's best counter dining.


Something Curated (2017)

During my intellectual era I wrote an obituary of John Berger and a piece on the formidable genius of Craig Green.


oki-ni (2014-2016)

For oki-ni I wrote a LOT about edgy menswear designers and sneakers, but I also edited the oki-ni Mix Series (weekly themed mixes) which was fun. Personal highlights include Mike Skinner, Horse Meat Disco and Alexis Taylor.


Browns Fashion (2012-2014)

As a cutie fresh-faced writer in my first editorial role, I interviewed some very cool British female designers like Simone Rocha and Martine Rose.

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